About Charag Din

M/s Charag Din & Co. was established in 1870 by our forefather in Lahore as private company for the Manufacturing of Furniture, supplying to the British Army and Private Sector. We offer wide range of Modern and Customized Office Furniture, .Doors, Kitchen and Institutional Furniture. We are providing comprehensive manufacturing solution to a diverse range of special client in corporate sector. Charag Din & Co. is an integral part of a group of companies dedicated excellence in the field of Interior Works, Pre-Fabricated Buildings and manufacturing of Furniture and Porta Cabins. Nescamp Services Co., Rhino Pre-Engineered Buildings (Pvt.) Ltd. and Intone Interiors along with Charag Din & Co. is making committed group of companies.

Our Vision

Our vision provides a framework to all our clients around which discussion will be generated and consensus built, based on input received from the client and detailed implementation plans will be formed before execution. Charag Din & Co. has directed its efforts in developing better interior for home and corporate establishments. It is our endeavor to raise standards in design, quality, durability and innovation.Our designers think differently. They understand the varied modes, colors and temperaments. All our products are designed with only one thing in mind “Durability” and “User Friendliness”. We have a facility to handle all aspects of industrial and ergonomic design. We are able to design all kinds of office interior.


Welcome to Charag Din Company’s website. CDC is an exciting, fast growing furniture company with a family-friendly atmosphere, a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive technical contributions to the customers. This company is not only about promoting the existing furniture business and companies developed over the years, through filtering raw materials and reducing input capital to acquire maximum profit. But we promote other to follow. We encourage innovation and production in a way that is efficient and sustainable. And our input sources and are output markets are just as important, in this progress.  We pride our self in appreciating and preserving traditional skill as well as adding the efficiency of modern methods by introducing training centers and exhibitions. Our goal is to develop the furniture industry as well as to play our part in strengthening and investing in Pakistan’s economy.

Shahbaz Aslam

CEO , Charag DIn & Co.